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Parents play a critical role in helping their tweens learn about the responsible use of OTC (over-the-counter) medicines. With approximately 10,000 kids under age 18 visiting emergency departments every year due to errors from self-administering OTC medications2, it is important for parents and guardians to discuss the safe use and storage of OTC medicines with their tweens. The OTC Medicine Safety program equips parents, teachers, and guardians with the necessary materials to help facilitate these critical conversations.

      • Be sure to read and follow the medicine label every time.

      • Be sure never to share your medicine with someone else or use someone else's medicine.

      • Remember to always use the dosing device that comes with the medicine.

      • Take only one medicine at a time with the same active ingredient.

      • Store all medicines up and away and out of reach and sight.

      • Be sure to only take medicines with the permission and guidance from a parent or trusted adult.

Below are medicine safety guidelines from the OTC Medicine Safety program .  Teach these practices to your tweens to encourage life-long safe use of all medicines. More tips for parents and caregivers on starting this critical conversation can be found here

The OTC Medicine Safety program includes resources and engaging educational activities specifically designed for parents and teachers of tweens to increase knowledge of OTC medicine safety and responsible use. The program places special emphasis on the message that tweens should only take OTC medicines with the permission and supervision of parents or guardians. The program has been customized for teachersnursesfamilies, and communities, in addition to offering several extra resources to enhance learning, like digital resources such as an interactive virtual Field Trip, and a trivia game.

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